For people of a certain age, the name Ian Anderson brings to mind long, beautifully complex flute solos. A man of many talents, Ian Anderson was a valuable piece of the puzzle that was Jethro Tull. In fact, he was the lead singer for nearly five decades. These days, Anderson is far from idle - he has been doing the solo run for about a year now... which may explain his keen eye for business that differentiates him from other artists. Despite working gig to gig, he has not forgotten his roots of the British rock group that started it all, and he even triggers the On The Record host to reminisce back to her high school days... but why was this world-renowned musician thinking of Greta?

In this edition of Greta Talk, we not only get a glimpse of a day in the life of this multi-instrumentalist but also a peek into his equally complex mind, including his views on why performing in the Middle East requires something special for him.