How about this - the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer on this episode of Greta Talk just traveled the world - and took his pictures with an iPhone. How can that be?

David Hume Kennerly has the gift of a great eye - and great timing. Americans of a certain age may recognize Kennerly's name from his time as the Official Photographer to President Gerald Ford. He was there moments after President Nixon chose Ford as his unelected Vice President, following the resignation of Spiro Agnew. Throughout Ford's tumultuous presidency, Kennerly was on hand to document it all. There's a lot more to Kennerly's story, and the he shares a lot of it in this conversation with the host of On The Record - including how and when he won the treasured Pulitzer.

And now this master of story-telling by image has decided to do things differently - taking the same gear that so many of us have in our pockets, and applying his own skills to see what would happen. So what does this world-class photographer think of the results? Join Greta van Susteren and find out for yourself.