Chris Stirewalt – Keep an Open Mind!

(FOX News)

His official title at Fox News is “Digital Politics Editor.” But what makes Chris Stirewalt, the guest on this episode of Greta Talk, so interesting is that you never know what words are going to come out of his mouth. He’s informed, educated, and very colorful. And unpredictable. A look at some of the words and phrases he uses in this conversation with the host of On the Record makes that clear.

“Scrofulous.” “Golf professional.” “Unfinished business.” “Richard Nixon.” “I can’t eat ice cream all the time.” “Demographic.” “Pebbles.” – Those are just a few of the things Stirewalt says in the course of his chat with Greta. The best way to make sense of it, of course, is to download, plug in, and enjoy.