What do Ferris Bueller, Richard Nixon, Goldie Hawn and Carl Bernstein have in common? Well, Ben Stein, for one thing. The actor/lecturer/commentator/speech-writer/etc. is Greta's guest for this edition of Greta Talk, and Greta gets him to open up on a wide variety of subjects. If he had his 'druthers, what would Ben Stein be? And where? The answers may surprise you. And who did he grow up with? Another set of unexpected answers.

It's a conversation that actually goes from one side of the world to the other, and from early days to what's ahead. And clearly one that neither Stein nor the host of FOX News Channel's On the Record wanted to end. You'll find a side of Ben Stein you rarely get to see - and it's a fun and fascinating conversation for all concerned. So plug in, and enjoy!