You know Sharon Osbourne from The Talk. And from America's Got Talent. And before that, from The Osbournes, one of the earliest reality show smash hits. And from being married to rock icon Ozzie Osbourne. But did you know she's good friends with the host of FOX News Channel's On the Record?

The friendship was cemented at one of the strangest events you could imagine - a black tie White House Correspondents Dinner with President George W. Bush, Greta van Susteren, and Ozzie & Sharon Osborne. It happened more than a decade ago, and it was amazing. In this episode of Greta Talk, Greta is joined by Sharon Osbourne.

It's a chance to listen as these two most improbable friends catch up. The conversation ranges from how they met, through Queen Elizabeth II, and right up to this week's Grammy Awards. Along the way you'll learn who Sharon followed like a stalker, where "the other Ozzie" came from, and much more.