Exploring Pinot Noir

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I know it’s like picking your favorite kid, but if you forced me to pick my favorite wine varietal Id have to say Pinot Noir. Im sure many of you assumed it was Cabernet Sauvignon.

Well of course, I love a big, bold California Cab, but I often pour a glass of Pinot when I get home at night. So I am thrilled that we are covering this sensual, slightly difficult grape this week.

Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, Master of Wine and co-author of Pairing with the Masters Pairing with the Masters: A Definitive Guide to Food and Wine is back, and she loves a glass of Pinot just as much as me.

And so does the world. The Pinot Noir grape was born in Burgundy, France but cool climate areas like California, Oregon and New Zealand are making some amazing Pinots. Joseph Drouhin, one of the great Burgundy producers, even established vineyards in Oregon.

We tasted four wines from Burgundy, California, Oregon and New Zealand. Try to pick wines from all the same vintage a.k.a. same year. We went with 2012, and the exact wines we used are below but any pinots from those specific regions will work great!

Pinot Noir Bottles

Burgundy Domaine Paul Pillot
California Meiomi
Oregon Archery Summit
New Zealand Roaring Meg

So listen and taste along with us as we learn and sample Pinots from around the world. Youre in for a treat!

Cent Anni.

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