When football fans get together to talk about the classics, invariably the Green Bay Packers come up. And if you're a kid who grew up in the Midwest back in the day, that meant the original Golden Boy, Paul Hornung. An amazing running back, he could also pass, and kick, leading the NFL in scoring for three years running.

As a kid growing up in Wisconsin back in the '60's, Greta van Susteren got to sit in the frigid stands in Green Bay and watch her hero dominate the game. On this episode of Greta Talk, you can almost hear her glow as she talks to her childhood idol. He talks about his time serving in the Army, how his coach Vince Lombardi pulled him and the whole team together... and how it took pulling the biggest string in the country to get him to one important game on time.

Sit back and enjoy, as the host of On the Record talks to one of her biggest childhood heroes.