Laura Hillenbrand has only written two books. But what amazing books they are. Her first, Seabiscuit, was a national best seller. Then it was made into a movie that was a major hit. And then she wrote.... Unbroken, which was on the best-seller lists for two years. When Unbroken's real-life hero, Louis Zamperini, passed away, it surged once again. And now, Unbroken is also a major motion picture - the first to be directed by Angelina Jolie.

For this episode of Greta Talk, the reclusive author talks to Greta van Susteren - and it really is a love fest! She tells the host of On the Record how she writes, what it takes to do what she does and  how incredibly long it takes her. Both Greta and Laura Hillenbrand have met Zamperini, and both have a story to tell - climaxing with the emotional last conversation the author had with her subject.

This is one Greta Talk you won't want to miss.



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