Coravin System

I got to sit with Greg Lambrecht, the founder, inventor and chairman of Coravin.

Holy Christmas gift!

That’s like sitting with the Percy Spencer, the guy who’s credited with inventing the microwave. Both products make a difference in my life almost every day.

Tracy Byrnes with Greg Lambrecht of Coravin

I’m Tracy Byrnes, Fox Business anchor and Wine With Me columnist, and as a single working mom, opening a bottle of wine alone at night just makes people look at you funny. But thanks to the Coravin, I can pour a single glass without even uncorking the bottle.

Then I can go microwave dinner.

Spending time with @GregAtCoravin was so great because he walked us through the evolution – from his college days at MIT to the moment in his life that triggered his creation to the acclaimed wine critic Robert Parker calling the Coravin “the most transformational and exciting new product for wine lovers…in the last 30+ years”.

And even if you are not a wine drinker, listen anyway because Greg’s story reminds us all that the world still needs inventors who have the gumption to take their product all the way.

Cent’ Anni.

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For a Coravin product demonstration, please see these videos.

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