Making Sense of That Crazy Wine Vocabulary

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Its time for a vocabulary lesson — so go pour a glass of wine.


I’m Tracy Byrnes, Fox Business anchor and Wine With Me columnist, and I’m sick of wine people using weird words to describe wines!

Like “it’s chewy.” Really? Last I checked wine is a liquid.

Or “it’s fat?” Huh? Or is that just how I’ll end up if I drink too much?

And what’s with describing wine as a “Barnyard?”

So I called in some serious educators. Ok, well not so serious – but super smart – The World Wine Guys.


The World Wine Guys are Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen. They’re wine instructors, authors and just so much fun to hang out with. And they’re going to explain these silly words.

So pour more wine – but pay attention because there may be a quiz at the end.

Oh, and check out The World Wine Guys’ great book Wines of California: The Comprehensive Guide.

Cent’ Anni.

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