FOX's Colonel DAVID HUNT (Ret.) reiterated that we should not go back into Iraq or even bomb them and that we should let it burn and if ISIS attacks us we should destroy them. The Colonel said that even sending in 300 military advisers is a mistake because they will have to get into the mix. Col. Hunt explained that both the Bush and Obama administration failed because the moment we left the thousand year religious war would have started up again.


Author of "The Big Fix" and contributing writer for ESPN The Magazine BRETT FORREST talked about the World Cup and what the possibility is to fix a big time championship. Brett explained that a big criminal syndicate leader told him that although it would be very difficult the money made would almost make it worth it.


Former Congressman (R-FL) and Lt. Col. ALLEN WEST (Ret.) dropped by the studios and weighed in on the trouble in Iraq and explained why he believes we should have made a status of forces agreement. If you say that we are only sending in advisors, it will only lead to trouble like Vietnam when we sent advisers to help prop up a corrupt government. The Colonel believes that we need to take the fight to ISIS because they have a battle plan against us and we need to get them before they do any damage to us. He called the trouble with the IRS unconscionable. Colonel West believes that there are many Democrats that do believe the IRS trouble is a real scandal but will never speak out against the party line in fear of not getting help in their re-election bid.

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Comedian SEBASTIAN MANISCALCO dropped by and explained why he got offended by Brian at one of his shows this year. Sebastian also explained how his parents taught him a work ethic and how that is missing now in America. Brian also talked to Sebastian about the difference between salons and barber shops.

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