Every year there comes a new salvo in the war on Christmas. At least this one is in another country. Well, it DOES have ties with America since the company in question has offices here.

Talk about politically correct nonsense. Austalian Santas are being told by recruitment firm Westaff to change their "Ho, ho, ho" to "Ha, ha, ha".


Why on earth would they do this? What is so offensive about the classic Santa greeting?

It could scare children. And it might be offensive to women.

Scare children? Since when does "Ho, ho, ho" scare children? Clowns used to scare me as child. And maybe Santa's beard when I was really young. But never his cute little sayings.

Offensive to women? You see...you can't say "Ho, ho, ho" and not expect women's organizations to get cross with you.

This is, of course, utter rubish. Another excuse to attack Christmas.

The Santas are being told to say "Ha, ha, ha" instead.

But won't that make kids think Santa is laughing at them? Ridiculing the toys on their lists?

See? There's always a Bogeyman if you look hard enough.