If you haven't already seen this photo - it is the winning women of the U.S. Bridge Team displaying their disapproval of their President at the World Bridge Championship in Shanghai.

The sign reads: WE DID NOT VOTE FOR BUSH.

I'm not sure what to make of this spontaneous protest moment but it has apparently caused an uproar in the Bridge World - as many professional players in the federation were offended and now want an apology - or even some action taken against these women.

Their team captain called it a "moment of levity" and said the intention was in response to "a lot of Anti-Bush feeling" by players from other countries upset about torture claims and the war in Iraq.

My favorite part of this story from the NY Times today is that the French wasted no time offering their solidarity - to the Bush Bashing Bridge Babes.

"You were doing only what women of the world have always tried to do when opposing the folly of men who have lost their perspective of reality," the French team wrote in an email. (Look out, Sarkozy!)

Now I am of the school of thought that whenever we fine Americans travel abroad, we have a responsibility to put our best face forward. This sort of idiocy is not that face. But we are also a nation of free speech, so I guess if they really felt that strongly about it - so be it.

And if I were Hillary Clinton... I'd be brushing up on my Bridge.