Lance Armstrong Did This To Himself

I cannot believe the number of people sending me messages or posting on Facebook DEFENDING Lance Armstrong.

He confessed to Oprah (doesn’t everyone?) that he did in fact DOPE while winning all those amazing medals as a world famous cyclist.

He’s already had his 7 Tour titles stripped, all the while DENYING he doped and that this was a witch hunt against him, blah blah blah.

I never believed him. Not for one second.

I never believed Bill Clinton either when he wagged his finger at the world as he denied an affair with Monica Lewinsky.

The number of people coming out of the woodwork to defend this man is astonishing to me.

People keep telling me everything from “He HAD to dope in order to compete!” to “Everyone does it!”


What mature and substantive arguments. Really??

He HAD to dope?? EVERYONE does it??

I’d love to see the excuse makers when their OWN CHILDREN come up to them with the same arguments.

“But DAD!! Everyone’s smoking it!!”

“MOM!! I HAD to cheat to graduate!!”

Blah, blah, blah.

This Armstrong controversy reminds me of the Major League steroids scandal.

It didn’t seem strange to anyone that all of a sudden, these goliath players were smacking homeruns like they were Tic Tacs. One after the other. Records broken like paper chains made by a child.

NO WAY!! They were taking steroids?!?! Is THAT why their arms were as big as Buicks??

Ever notice that the baseball players of the glory days didn’t look like the Incredible Hulk?? They weren’t body builders. They were athletes with extraordinary talents.

Armstrong deserves to be disgraced, for he has disgraced the sport of cycling. He has lied to his millions of fans and supporters. He is a PHONY.

It’s laughable that people are saying he at least had the integrity to confess. WHAT?? He confessed because he was CAUGHT. He was very nasty in his attacks against his accusers, even going after them legally. The whole time he KNEW he was lying and that HE was in the wrong. That shows integrity??

Would Bill Clinton have confessed if he hadn’t been CAUGHT??

Everyone is always apologies and tears after they are caught.

And let me conclude with perhaps a controversial statement: Battling cancer does not make you a saint outright.

Countless people are battling cancer every single day. It doesn’t give them a pass to commit crimes or to break rules or to cheat.

I can’t STAND that people are going easy on him just because he is a cancer survivor. NO EXCUSE!!

The first mistake we ever made was elevating cyclists and golfers and baseball players to the level of hero. We tried to make them infallible.

But the reality is, they are as human as anyone else. They screw up. Sometimes royally.

And like everyone else, they need to face the consequences.