Prawns feel pain. Lobster feel pain.

That’s what a new study concludes.

So now you are once again supposed to feel guilt for enjoying that boiled Maine lobster. Guess we are supposed to feel their pain, maybe?

Sorry, but I am not going to stop eating crustaceans because some professor found that prawns that had acetic acid daubed on their antenna tried to wipe it off.

Wouldn’t YOU wipe something off that spilled on you? Why does this have to mean they felt PAIN?

And what if they DID?

Life is full of pain. For all of us. Just to varying degrees.

The animal rights nuts are trying to convince us that the pain you would feel severing your limbs is somehow the same pain that a lobster feels when boiled alive. Or that hooking a fish is the same as hooking your grandfather.

There’s a big difference that they fail to see–YOU are a HUMAN BEING. The LOBSTER is SEAFOOD.

Until lobsters evolve to the point where they can toss US into a pot of boiling water, life is what it is.

Red Lobster tonight, anyone? Give me the biggest one in the tank, thank you.