Food Stamps and Cash Assistance Need a Firm Re-Boot!!

Nothing shocks me anymore.

It’s common today to see “EBT Accepted Here” signs at gas station mini marts and fast food eateries.


My tax dollars shouldn’t be allowing you to munch on potato chips and a bucket of fried chicken.

There was a day in America when it was SHAMEFUL to be on food stamps. It was something you accepted as a last resort and something you tried to get out of as soon as possible.

Today, it has become a way of life for millions.

One of the biggest mistakes the government ever made with regards to this form of assistance was to make it so mainstream. And as accessible as it is.

Can you imagine the foolishness of allowing someone on public assistance to be able to WITHDRAW “free” money from ATMs all over America??

Who thought this was a GOOD IDEA??

Taxpayer funded cash assistance MEANT for things like HOUSING and UTILITIES are being withdrawn from ATMs in bars and strip clubs!!

The New York Post just did an investigative report and found recipients withdrawing cash from liquor stores, porn shops, and other seedy locations that probably aren’t known for stocking diapers or baby formula.

This is the Entitlement Mentality at work.

I thought these people were supposed to be starving and one step away from the streets?

Why should we allow people to spend EBT on a $20 bucket of junk food chicken when they could spend that on a week’s worth of FRESH chickens cooked at home? For the price of a combo meal they could feed their whole family with fresher, healthier food.

This has become a HUGE scam.

Families of four can withdraw up to $433 in CASH at any number of ATM locations.

And that doesn’t include almost $700 in food stamps per month!!

I’m sure you’d agree that YOUR family could do pretty well with those kinds of benefits per MONTH!

Here’s how food stamps need to work: You get STAMPS. Actual STAMPS.

And they are only redeemable at government warehouses to obtain lean and basic meats, cheese, produce, bread, milk, and water. PERIOD.

You get a raw chicken, not a bucket of fast food.

You get basic beef, not filet mignon.

You get a block of cheese, not bags of gas station snacks.

And you get it for a VERY SHORT period of time.

Welfare has gone from a crutch genuinely needed by some to a way of life corrupting the scruples and work ethic of millions of families.

We need to get back to basics before we break the bank completely with this foolishness.