Dentists have a bad reputation already for being scary people, thanks to people like me who cringe at the thought of having their teeth scrapped and their gums poked and prodded.

Now there is a dentist in Woodland, California who is taking the stereotypes and phobias to a new level.

He allegedly fondled the breasts of more than 25 female patients over the years. Get a load of this--he and his attorney are arguing that the fondling was actually a MASSAGE needed in the treatment of TMJ.

I didn't go to dental school, but something seems fishy here. Breast fondling as part of a dental procedure? Were the male patients treated this way as well? Wouldn't the women have been told this was part of the treatment ahead of time and made to sign some kind of a disclosure form before subjecting themselves to this?

One patient claims he fondled her as many as SIX times over a TWO YEAR period. Something seems fishy here, too. What woman in their right mind would let this happen over a prolonged period of time without telling someone? Didn't it seem rather BIZARRE at the time? Wouldn't YOU have gotten up off the chair and walked out, threatening a harassment report or a lawsuit?

The dentist is fighting for his practice, citing the fact that he has to feed his 7 children and pay for his defense.

Call the Whambulance.

No offense to dentists, but this sounds like the latest alibi from an excuse-happy culture.

And now if you'll excuse me. I have a urologist appointment I need to cancel.