Ever wonder why there aren't more dental blogs?

Maybe it's because everyone HATES GOING TO THE DENTIST (yours truly certainly included). It's no fun sitting in that chair getting picked at and drilled on and basically yearning for the minutes and seconds to pass as fast as possible... Show me someone who says they enjoy going to the dentist and I'll show you an individual with SERIOUS issues.

Perhaps you have guessed by now that I had to go to the dentist this morning? I plead guilty. And it wasn't THAT bad - I got a great hygienist who was a pleasure to talk with and things were going pretty well right up until the end - when the dentist walked in and issued orders to the hygienist, "okay we need to re-drill and do replacement fillings on 28, 29, 30 and 31. Also, let's crown 30."


My survival instincts immediately engaged as I began to fumble about with any stall tactic I could think of, nearly resulting in my begging for mercy, but to no avail. Now I am riddled with anxiety about Thursday, Nov 1st at 2pm.

And while I would prefer to Katy-bar my office door and put a sign outside that reads: "You'll never get 28, 29, 30 and 31 ALIVE!" - I also realize that this is for my own good and dental health.

No wonder dentists have high suicide rates - they have a tough job in that no one ever wants to see them. For comparison, I am on radio and television - and if people dreaded seeing me as much as they did seeing their dentist, then I'd be out of a job. So I guess (and I cannot believe I am actually going to write these words) dentists are really heroes in doing a job that comes with no gratitude or appreciation.

I also read on a dental blog today that some Brits are being forced to actually PULLING their own teeth because the NHS system in England is THAT bad - so just when you thought it couldn't get worse...

So stop re-scheduling that visit (I NEVER DO THIS) to the dentist - they'll give you something to SMILE about.