Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize today for his tireless campaign against global warming. He successfully transitioned from a failed Presidential candidate to an environment darling in Hollywood for his movie "An Inconvenient Truth." And he won an Emmy for launching a bizarre cable television channel geared towards young people with ADD.

I can only imagine how pleased the Polar Bears must be today. However, when you think about it - despite Al Gore's strange personality, you have to give the guy credit because a large group of very serious-minded scientists actually came together to agree that Gore was the man to get the Laureate. So while there'll be no shortage of late-night one-liners, maybe he did deserve the thing? After all, most Americans either agree or concede that we are experiencing a warming trend that threatens our planetary livelihood - whether it's caused by man or not.

And now, consider this: you are reading this because YOU IS ON THE INTERNETS!

Oh - now you see where I'm going with this?

Perhaps you forgot... It's was one Al Gore who "during my time in Congress, took the initiative in creating the Internet."

Holy Dot Com, Batman! Can you imagine what our lives would be had Gore not created the web?

In fact, I am pretty sure that the world would cease to exist if suddenly we couldn't "log on" and get our email!

So the question begs: What award can we offer Mr. Gore for your being able to read this blog?

Shoot me an email at - I'm wide open for suggestions... and we need to act fast before it turns into a planetary emergency.