Last night a friend of mine and I were driving to pick up my car (the one that was the subject of my infamous 20 foot ladder blog entry) when we started talking about new automobile technologies and trends.

We both agreed that much of this innovation will ultimately result, albeit unintentionally, in greater numbers of incompetent drivers.

I mentioned cars that have cameras on the rear bumpers so you can navigate parking spaces more easily.

Is this really necessary?? Isn't parking a BASIC SKILL that all drivers should be expert in?? How about cameras on our beds to show us if we are going to roll off the edge?? BEEP BEEP BEEP! This is RIDICULOUS.

People will become dependent on cameras to help them park.

He mentioned a technology from a manufacturer which will remain nameless that would actually scan speed limit signs and "alert" the driver as to the current speed limit in the area. Is THAT necessary either??

Shouldn't drivers be paying ATTENTION to road signs? Maybe this technology is for those who would rather read a book or put on makeup or change their clothes instead of keeping their eyes on the ROAD!

Again, people will become dependent on scanners and cameras to help them drive the right speed. But then again, even that wouldn't stop people from speeding any more than current speed limit signs do.

From breathalyzers to start your ignition to whispers of cars that will drive the whole family to school and work and back again while everybody sleeps--technology will lead us to be less responsible, not more.

Next thing you know pedestrians will have glasses that look both ways for them before they cross a street.

And what would Mom think about that?