There really is no justice in the $54 Million Pants Nightmare.

As we learned this week, the owners of Custom Dry Cleaners who were sued by Judge Roy Pearson for losing a pair of his pants, have sold their once profitable business citing emotional and financial toil as the reason for folding tent. The Chungs will maintain their other dry cleaning business across town, but for this case, they simply decided that they had had enough despite winning the case against him. Pearson's appeal to the DC Appeals Court will finally be heard sometime in 2008.

So I felt compelled to confront Judge Pearson once again last night, chasing him without comment up to his apartment where he expectedly slammed the door in my face. Although, this time, he actually called the POLICE on me. So I didn't stick around for long.

But just to get a snap shot of what Pearson is really like, one of his immediate neighbors told me that when they moved in, Pearson harassed them over "trash can lid compliance" with DC codes.

So it's fair to say that this is a guy who simply relishes in tormenting others unreasonably. And the real travesty here is that he is STILL EMPLOYED as a DC Administrative Judge - performing non-judicial tasks, but collecting a $100,000 paycheck nonetheless.

The panel that employs Pearson has sent him a letter that they are not likely to re-appoint him - but I really think in the name of justice, DC should fire him immediately.