They finally did it. Advertising tycoons finally realized they were missing out on a golden opportunity for reaching large numbers of people.

Starting next month in Dubai and coming soon to a major airport near you--big billboards on the runways!! YAY!!

Think about it, now you can be sold cars and cola and other forms of happiness right as you touch down on the runway! And if local ordinances allow for it, some of the ads will be lit up for those afterdark landings!

Isn't that just what you want and need as you grip the armrest and your ears and brain are decompressing?

I really am surprised that no one had thought of this before. Talk about a captive audience! You'll be so happy you landed safely that you'll probably buy ANYTHING at that point!

While they are at it, I have some ideas for them. How about ads on the floatation devices? In the bathrooms? On the headrests in front of you (they already do this on the screens, I mean on the headrest itself, all the time)? Why not advertise on the window flaps? On the fronts, backs, and foreheads of the flight attendants?

See, I really am in the wrong business.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go buy something. The billboards in my head are telling me to.