FOX News Rewind: 9/11

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FOX News Podcasts “Rewind” series returns with Season 2: FOX News Rewind: 9/11. This seven-episode series will look back at the events leading up to the most devastating terror attack in American history, those who were there on that fateful day, and what has happened since. We will be joined by FOX News Channel talent throughout the 7 part series as part of the storytelling…..along with special guests Ari Fleischer, Brit Hume, Bill Hemmer, Brian Kilmeade, Frank Siller, Steve Doocy,  Leon Panetta, and many more.

Season 1 of the FOX News Rewind series focused on the run up to the 2000 Presidential Election, entitled Election Rewind: 2000

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Our story begins with the childhood upbringing and radicalization of Usama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri. Their story takes them to Afghanistan where they build a reputation by helping expel a world superpower from the region.

The World Trade Center in New York is targeted by a terror cell based in the US and inspired by a radical cleric known as "The Blind Sheikh".  But as US authorities close that case, Bin Laden reemerges on the world stage.

A once in a millennium event, a possible technical glitch, and a disputed Presidential election fill newscasts as a U.S. warship is targeted and a group plotting a massive terror attack move into place.

Terror returns to America. A look at the events of that morning and its tragic fallout. Listen now.

In the face of tremendous tragedy, the country attempts to get back on its feet, rebuild and find out who is responsible for the events of September 11th, and a commission is formed to find out what went wrong. A decade later, a once cold trail warms up.

With the al-Qaeda leader possibly in their sights, the United States government weighs its options. Listen now.

In the decade after the death of its leader, al-Qaeda is overshadowed by the sudden rise and rapid fall of the brutal ISIS terror network. And with the War in Afghanistan coming to a close, America faces an uncertain future in the region.