Unrest Creating Unease for The Biden Campaign

President Biden finds himself between a rock and a hard place as he maneuvers showing support for Israel while still appeasing young Democratic voters who have aligned with the Palestinian cause. With protests continuing on college campuses, numerous universities have canceled graduation ceremonies out of fear of anti-Israel demonstrations interrupting the events. Politico White House and Washington reporter Daniel Lippman joins the Rundown to discuss how these protests are impacting President Biden’s re-election campaign and how the administration is reacting to young voters. Later, CEO of Schoen-Cooperman Research, Carly Cooperman, joins to talk about what the polling shows for Democrats and addresses the funding for college protests.

Navigating adulthood is a difficult feat for anyone. However, it is especially hard for those in their twenties. For most, one’s twenties are a transitional decade where they make massive decisions about where to live, who to love, and what career to dive into. Yet these days, the pressure to have everything figured out by age thirty is exacerbated by inflation, a tough job market, and general uncertainty many are still struggling with after the pandemic. Dr. Meg Jay, bestselling author and psychologist, joins FOX’s Dana Perino on the Rundown to discuss her new book The Twentysomething Treatment: A Revolutionary Remedy For An Uncertain Age and the difficulties of working through such a defining decade.

Plus, commentary from former U.S. Senator and U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, Scott Brown.

Photo Credit: AP