From Washington: Michael Cohen Testifies Against His Old Boss

Donald Trump’s¬†former lawyer and the prosecution’s star¬†witness,¬†Michael Cohen,¬†testified at the former U.S. president’s criminal trial this week in New York. Cohen, who is believed to be¬†the only one who can concretely link the former president¬†to the crimes prosecutors accuse him of,¬†testified that the reimbursements the former president made to him for paying adult film star Stormy Daniels were not a legal retainer, despite statements that say otherwise. While Cohen reportedly kept his cool on the stand, does the jury believe him? Attorney and former New York County Assistant District Attorney Elliot Felig joins to discuss the latest on Trump’s hush money trial and weigh in on how he thinks Cohen has done on the stand so far.¬†

It’s been a long road for North Carolinians when it comes to voter identification law — as the question of whether voters are required to have a photo ID has been brought to both state and federal courts in recent years. Now, this legal tug-of-war is back in headlines after the case was re-opened in court last week, as a federal judge who once blocked the law agreed to hear formal arguments from those who believe the law is discriminatory. To break it all down, FOX News Contributor Andy McCarthy joins to discuss why this case presents far more of ‘a societal problem than a legal problem,’¬†how much the law has impacted voting in North Carolina, and what he believes the final verdict will be in the case.