From Washington: Bring On The Debates

Traditions are being thrown out the window left and right as former President Donald Trump accepted current President Joe Biden’s offer to debate at the end of June…despite their respective parties having officially nominated neither.¬†The first 2024 Presidential debate is set for June 27th¬†at CNN’s studios in Atlanta, more than two weeks before former President Trump will officially accept the Republican nomination for President¬†at the GOP Convention¬†and more than a month before President Biden officially claims his re-nomination.¬†Former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush and FOX News Political Analyst Karl Rove¬†reacts to this week’s debate news and weighs in on the state of the race.¬†


On Tuesday, West Virginia voters made their choice for who¬†will vie for the senate seat left open by the retiring¬†moderate Democrat Joe Manchin.¬†Manchin is currently the only Democrat elected to statewide office in West Virginia.¬†Manchin’s¬†pick to succeed him, Glenn Elliot, did win the Democratic primary. But the Republican primary was won by Jim Justice, a popular governor with the backing of former President Trump.¬†The outcome makes West Virginia one of – if not THE most likely flip of a contested Senate race.¬†Host of Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval on West Virginia’s MetroNews, Hoppy Kercheval, joins to discuss the Senate race in the Mountain State, the senate race in neighboring Maryland, and the GOP’s hopes to take control of the Senate.¬†