Shannon Bream on 2024 Polls, Debates About Debates, And The RFK Jr. Snub

Recent FOX News polling shows that most Americans would vote for former President Trump over President Biden if they had to cast their ballots today. Those polls show President Biden currently trailing behind by one percentage point in a two-way matchup, giving his supporters some hope that victory is still possible in November. On Wednesday, the two leading candidates agreed to not one but two debates this year, with the parameters being negotiated by the campaigns. FOX News Sunday Anchor Shannon Bream joins the Rundown to discuss the latest polls, the suspected rules for the first debate, and why the President’s latest response to the Israel-Hamas war isn’t helping his campaign.

A potential wake-up call for four-year colleges comes after a new report found that public universities saw a record-setting drop in revenue in 2023. Schools are making less money despite tuition costs across the country steadily rising. In fact, college tuition and fees have jumped 860% since 1983. While skyrocketing tuition costs are forcing students to make tough decisions about pursuing higher education, more affordable trade schools are seeing their enrollment numbers on the rise. FOX Business correspondent Madison Alworth joins the podcast to explain why costs have risen, struggling college enrollment, and how schools are justifying their massive price tags.

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Plus, commentary by Vice President of Communications for Focus on The Family, Paul Batura.

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