This Week:

President Biden returned from his first European trip where he met with the G7, NATO allies and a highly anticipated meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. FOX News Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland recaps the President’s foreign trip with FOX News Radio’s International Reporter Simon Owen.

The Supreme Court issued rulings on two high profile cases Thursday. In the first case, the high court upheld a challenge to the Affordable Care Act in a 7-2 decision. In the second case SCOTUS issued a unanimous ruling in favor of a Catholic adoption agency that refuses to place kids with LGBTQ+ couples. George Washington University Law Professor and FOX News Contributor Jonathan Turley breaks down each case.

The Department of Justice made headlines this week when it was revealed that the Trump-era DOJ subpoenaed Apple for the phone records of California Congressman Adam Schiff and 12 other Democrats as a part of the Russia probe. Also this week, the House Oversight Committee released Trump administration emails allegedly pressuring the Department of Justice to challenge 2020 election results. Jake Gibson, a FOX News Producer covering the DOJ from Washington, discusses what these revelations mean and what might come next.

Last week, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed a law changing the Nevada caucus to a primary in 2024. This change would attempt to make Nevada the first-in-the-nation primary, unseating New Hampshire who has enjoyed that title for over a century. Fox News Politics Reporter Paul Steinhauser joins the podcast to discuss whether either party or New Hampshire for that matter, would allow a first-in-the-nation primary change, which prospective candidates are already in play for 2024, and the role of former President Donald Trump in shaping the next Presidential election.