Extra: The High Stakes Of Legal Sports Betting

Sports gambling is a big business and only getting bigger. But as more states legalize it and wagering apps are more readily available, there is a concern that many Americans are unprepared for how addictive sports betting can be.

This week on the FOX News Rundown, host Lisa Brady spoke with recovering gambling addict, and internationally certified gambling counselor Harry Levant about how betting cost him almost everything including his life. Levant was incredibly transparent about his past problems and what he’s now doing to help people avoid the dangers of gambling.

For that story, Lisa also spoke to Diana Goode, Executive Director of the Connecticut Council for Problem Gambling, who is working to help both addicts and their families cope with the addiction. Goode offered advice to those who may be addicted and suggested ways for the government to regulate these popular apps and prevent people from ruining their lives.

Due to time limitations, we were only able to air short clips of Lisa’s interview with Goode in our original segment. However, she offered some very helpful information for anyone seeking help. On the FOX News Rundown Extra, you will hear the entire incredible conversation with Connecticut Council for Problem Gambling Executive Director Diana Goode and learn more about the risks that come with the rise of sports gambling.