Extra: The Fight To Hold Social Media Companies Accountable

This past week we spoke to New Mexico’s Attorney General Raul Torrez. He traveled to Washington DC to watch the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Big Tech hearing in person. There the senators heard from some of the biggest social media company CEOs in the business about their policies or lack of them regarding child safety on their platforms.

While most of the CEOs were highly defensive, there was one blockbuster moment during which Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley prompted Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to apologize to the dozens of parents seated behind him whose children had either been harmed online or committed suicide after cyberbullying or being sexually extorted.

The CEOs of Discord, Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, and X, formerly known as Twitter, tried to sound open to new legislation, but when asked point blank if they were open to specific existing proposed legislation most would not support the five bills already out there.

Torrez is suing Meta for failing to remove child sexual abuse material. Before he was AG Torrez successfully prosecuted violent and sexual crimes and served in the Obama Department of Justice.

We did not get to air this during the week so we’ll play the full interview here on the FOX News Rundown Extra. You will hear his take on why he thinks big tech should be held legally accountable for failing to protect children from their products.