On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton explained why he’s filing a lawsuit against the Biden Administration to keep some of former President Trump’s immigration policies in place.

“They certainly know that this will result in more people crossing the border because Obama had the exact same policies and he results were exactly what we’re getting now. It was only Trump, after lots of work, working on the wall as a long term solution and encouraging border security and customs and immigration to do their job and this Stay In Mexico policy, these things worked. They slowed it down. They stopped the cartels from having complete control over the border. And yet President Biden looked at that on the very first day, said, hey, the borders open. If you come here for the first hundred days, we will not deport you. So the only thing I can think of is they knew what they were going to get and it happened the way they predicted, because we have the model from the Obama Administration that they want these people here for some reason. And the only thing I can say is they’re hopeful they’ll be voting someday and in these red states, because that’s where most of them are going.”

“I can’t think of on upside to America. We have increased our costs. There’s an economic cost of health care, law enforcement. We have to educate kids, feed them. And the reality is, I’m not sure there’s much upside for most of these children because they end up in these detention centers with sometimes thousands of other kids. They’re packed in, I’ve seen it. They’re packed in. They’re risking greater transmission of diseases, including COVID. And then the question is where are they all going to go? There’s thousands of them and they keep coming. There’s not a place for them all to go that works out well for those kids.”