On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Kathy Barnette, who is looking to become the first Black Republican U.S. Senator by running for office in Pennsylvania, explains why Democrats are the true racists by using terms like “Jim Crow 2.0” and weaponizing the history of Black Americans for their own benefit.

“When someone so tone deaf starts talking about Jim Crow 2.0 or Jim Eagle, how stupid is that? I know you’re looking for a moment, but really that’s crazy and it’s just tone deaf because it actually means something. I have done the work to understand the good, the bad and the downright despicable things that took place in this nation. And so to try to weaponize it so that you can further along the narrative that black folks are so stupid, we’re so helpless, out of all the groups of people in this nation, it’s just us who don’t know where to go get an ID. And then you compounded by bringing up our history just to weaponize it so you can garner power. It is insulting, but I believe it’s racist. I believe it’s tone deaf. Words matter, vocabulary actually has real meaning to them.”