On Fox News Radio's Guy Benson Show, Brit Hume, Senior political analyst for Fox News Channel spoke about the insurrection on Capitol hill last week and the likeliness of a second impeachment of President Trump.

Brit Hume said,

"I've got people I know who are sensible, good people who, you know, who buy this and who thought something big and important was going to happen on Wednesday that wouldn't change the results of the election. It was never going to happen. It was pie in the sky. It was ridiculous. And yet there it was coming out of the mouth of the president, some of his, you know, his top allies. And, you know, I blame the president for this uprising, this hideous riot, not because of what he specifically said on the Ellipse last Wednesday, but because of the stuff in which he filled the brains of too many of his supporters for too long. And his behavior post-election has been, in my view, utterly disgraceful."

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