Andrew McCarthy, Fox News Contributor, Former Assistant U.S. Attorney For Southern District Of NY, Author of "Ball Of Collusion: The Plot To Rig An Election And Destroy A Presidency" broke down the case for impeaching President Trump with only days left in office.

Andrew McCarthy said,

"Well, I think the biggest thing is I think what you have here is a classic case of something that we were kind of groping to demonstrate when impeachment came up a year ago. And that is a conduct transaction. Where you could not prove a criminal offense, and I am referring now to incitement, which is how everybody, including me, have described this, but a situation where you could not prove a criminal offense beyond a reasonable doubt, under courtroom due process standards, but you have a clear impeachable offense. And what we were pointing out a year ago was that you don't need a criminal violation for impeachment because. It's not only a political process. I mean, very basically, you know, holding public office is a privilege, whereas liberty is a right. So we all have rights. And if the government wants to take them away from us, they have to prove in court beyond a reasonable doubt that we've committed a crime, whereas nobody has a right to public office. That's a privilege. And you have to exhibit in a continuous way that you're fit for it. And if you don't impeachment, if you're a if, a if you're an executive branch official, for example, impeachment is the remedy in the Constitution for people who are unfit for office. So it's got a different it's about a different thing. And it obviously has a different test that we apply to it. And it can easily be the case that you could have something that doesn't rise to the level of a prosecutable crime, but that shows that someone is unfit for public office."

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