Douglas Murray, Fox News Contributor, National Review Institute Fellow, and author of The War On The West, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss all of the hysteria surrounding pro-Hamas protests across the United States on university campuses. Guy also plays some ‘typical’ unflattering audio from antisemitic protestors who dishonored police officers and fallen veterans with their lewd acts yesterday and over the weekend. Listen to the full interview below!

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Douglas had this to say on college students chanting ‘globalize the intifada’ on college campuses:

“We can just hope they are as ignorant as they sound… These kids… should know the last time there was an intifada… killed dozens of young people. And that’s their intifada… they should expect a suicide bomber to come and blow them up and their fellow students… wait for the suicide bomber to come into your cafe and see how much you love intifada then.”

Murray also had this to say on the pro-Hamas protestors:

“All of these people fall into two categories. the sinister and the silly… what ill-educated ghouls they are to stand on campus and shout words that they don’t understand.”