This Week:

On Monday, nurse Sandra Lindsey of the Long Island Jewish Medical Center made history as she received the first Coronavirus vaccine in the United States. Then, on Friday, Vice President Mike Pence received the vaccine, calling it "a medical miracle." To discuss the latest on the vaccine front, Dr. Marc Seigel, Professor at NYU Langone Medical Center, and author of Covid: The Politics of Fear and the Power of Science joins Fox News Washington Correspondent, Rachel Sutherland.

As Congress runs up against a tight deadline to pass another COVID stimulus package, Representative Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) of the Problem Solvers Caucus joins Jared on the podcast to discuss what she expects to see in this next bill. They discuss her thoughts on specific aspects of the bill, the importance of compromise, and what her expectations are from the next Congress.

With more than six weeks elapsed since Election Day, The Biden transition team continues to build out their administration ahead of January 20th. Jared is joined by FOX News Channel Correspondent, Peter Doocy, to discuss the latest developments from President-elect Joe Biden's team. They discuss the nomination of Pete Buttigieg to Transportation Secretary, other upcoming cabinet nominations, and the President-elect's strategy for managing emerging news stories about his son Hunter Biden.

With just one week to Christmas, candidates for the Senate runoff election in Georgia continue to campaign ahead of January 5th. Greg Bluestein, political reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, has covered the Senate races in Georgia from the start. Greg and Jared discuss President Trump and Governor Brian Kemp's roles in the special election, the campaign's strategies, and voter turnout.