This Week:

As some states are putting reopening plans on pause, the White House is urging schools to reopen "in full." But some health experts disagree with this plan of action, saying the science doesn't yet support in-person learning. FOX's White House Correspondent, Jon Decker breaks down what the options are for students and teachers this fall.

After decades of controversy the Washington Redskins have announced they are retiring their name and logo. FOX's Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland and DC Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton discusses the name change, and where the team will play their football games this fall.

As we get closer to the upcoming political conventions, the coronavirus numbers are still on the rise. What new changes will be made to ensure a safe environment for the weeklong events? Jared spoke with the RNC's National Spokesperson Liz Harrington about the upcoming convention plan for Republicans in Jacksonville, Florida.

The landscape of the 2020 presidential race is continuously changing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Amy Walter, National Editor of the Cook Political Report discusses why some topics that dominated the polls just a few months ago have taken a back seat to new emerging issues as we inch closer to November.