On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Trump 2020 Strategic Communications Director Marc Lotter responded to Biden 2020 Press Secretary TJ Ducklo's claim, made on the "Fox News Rundown" podcast that President Trump is "openly embracing the causes of white supremacists"

"(Ducklo's) an idiot. I mean there's not a single thing that he said in there that is true. This is a President, who early on, stopped the flow of people coming in from China, stopped the flow of people from coming in from Europe. And at that time, Joe Biden was calling him racist and xenophobic. And by the way, for all of Joe Biden's so-called concern about the coronavirus, he continued having his in-person rallies until the middle of March. So he was not that concerned. Then let's go back and look at Joe Biden's record. His own chief of staff said during the H1N1 virus, they did absolutely nothing right. And the only reason why it didn't become a pandemic is because we got lucky. That's the kind of leadership you want back in there? And yet when it comes to these Confederate flags and things like that, I remember living in an America where the same First Amendment that allows Joe Biden supporters and liberal radical mobsters to burn the American flag, which I hold dear, it also allows people to display the Confederate flag, which I find to be abhorrent. That's the same First Amendment applies to everyone."

"Their entire their entire campaign is built around hiding him, hiding him from the public, hiding him from reporters. Every day President Trump's taking questions from from the media, and even when Joe Biden goes out there and announces his little Green New Deal initiatives, which are horrible, he just turns around and leaves. Reporters are shouting questions, he just turns around and walks away. He can't handle it if it's not on a teleprompter."