Welcome to Rich is Not a Four-Letter Word, the podcast for your wallet. I’m Gerri Willis with the Fox Business Network and today I’m talking with Tom Zgainer, CEO and founder of America’s Best 401(k) about market volatility. What should retirement savers and 401(k) investors do when the market posts big swings? And, how can you identify the fees and costs that are robbing your precious savings?

Zgainer knows a lot about this because his company advises small business about how to set up high quality retirement programs. Most small business operators don’t have the time or interest in fully vetting retirement programs and that is where America’s Best 401(k) comes in.

Zgainer advises that savers who aren’t close to retirement — more than five years away — should forget the noise. And, everyone should continue investing, no matter what. Remember, if the market tanks, you’re buying assets on sale; always better than overpaying.

Two things are critical for small investors, he says. Start early and make sure your costs are low.  He says that an investor who starts saving at age 25 and only continues saving for 10 years will have more money at retirement than someone who starts saving at 35 and saves til 65. Giving your money time to grow is essential.

Reducing costs is also key. He says that 70 percent of participants in 401(k) plans believe they pay no investment related fees. That, says Zgainer, is wrong. To find out what your plan is charging, go to the providers’ website and get a copy of the fee disclosure. Even easier, check out the website Zgainer shares on the podcast to find out — pronto — if you are overpaying!  

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