The Speaker’s Lobby: The Shutdown Finally Got Real


FOX’s Chad Pergram says the partial government shutdown has finally gotten real on today’s “Speaker’s Lobby”:†

Iím Chad Pergram with the Speakerís Lobby.

We thought the government shutdown would get ďrealĒ after the first weekend back in December. Then we thought it would get it would get real after Christmas. Then we thought it would get real after New Yearís. Then we thought it would get real after the new Congress started. Then we thought it would get real after Democrats tapped Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker. And then we thought it would get real after government workers missed their first paycheck.

Now federal workers are missing their second paycheck.†And the shutdown is in fact, real.

Something very important happened in the Senate Thursday to help in the government shutdown. And itís counter-intuitive. The Senate failed, not once, but twice, to advance President Trumpís plan to end the shutdown and a Democratic effort to end the shutdown as well. Everyone knew what the result was before the vote. But you donít schedule side by†side votes like this in the Senate unless you know both plans will fail.

So both failed, showing the Senate math doesnít work. And now, the sides are talking. After five weeks, the government shutdown finally got real on Capitol Hill.

With the Speakerís Lobby, Chad Pergram, FOX News.

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