Welcome to Rich is Not a Four-Letter Word, the podcast for your wallet. Every year about this time, I start thinking about how I can organize my work†life and my private life better. How can I never miss an appointment, plan for the future and get my to do lists done for both home AND work?

I’ve bought expensive organizers, tried organizing apps and even used a white board in my office at home. But none of that has seemed to work, until now.

What’s my secret? Its the Bullet Journal or BuJo as the insiders call it. And, it’s an analog method for planning your life in the digital age. More than just a way of organizing the week’s to do list, BuJo incorporates long-term planning, journaling and even†hopes and dreams.†On today’s podcast, you’ll meet the developer of BuJo and the author of the new book, The Bullet Journal Method, Ryder Carroll, who’ll share tips and tricks for organizing your life.

Carroll developed the idea to help cope with his attention deficit disorder, but as he perfected the methodology, he began to be asked to share his ideas with others. Today, there is a book, called, The Bullet Journal Method, and a†video† to help people understand exactly how to BuJo. Check out other†Bullet Journals on Instagram to get a sense of how some folks push the envelope. And, don’t be intimidated when you see some of the elaborately decorated journals. You can, in fact, use a BuJo to simply make all your planning†details crystal clear — and leave it at that.

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Bottom line, I want to hear from you! What money issues do you want to explore? Tell me and we will get it on the podcast. Have a great day and remember, Rich is NOT a Four-Letter Word!


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#Repost @sunshineandstationery with @get_repost ??? My latest dailies. Iím obsessed with the stickers in @stickiiclub Ďs winter wonderland pack!! ? ē The end of this week marked the end of the first trimester and the end of trimester meetings – Iíll be so happy to be back on my normal schedule next week! It was rough losing so much time in the evening for meetings…but I made it through! I have two more weeks until the holidays, so my goal is to get working on stuff! Iíve let myself be a little ďlazyĒ lately (being sick for so long made me realize I needed a break) but now itís the final push until the end of the year! Letís do this! ē #leuchtturm1917 #bulletjournal #bulletjournaldailylog #stickers #stickiiclub #fountainpen #journaling #bujo

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