Another title for West Virginia!

FOX's Eben Brown has "FOX Bullet Points":

I'm Eben Brown.

West Virginia takes their fifth consecutive title at the NCAA Air Rifle championship in Columbus, Ohio:

(Announcer) "Babic has fired, made the difference, point nine. We are at the end. We have a new freshman Mountaineer national champion."

Milica Babic, the freshman star is the big winner in Air Rifle:

(Babic) "This comes just from hard work. So it feels nice, it definitely does."

West Virginia bested season-long top ranked Texas Christian.

When we talk Second Amendment we often mean firearms, but the New York state Attorney General says it doesn't cover stun guns. A.G. Eric Schniederman is facing a challenge to a state law banning stun guns and tasers, claiming it's not a Second Amendment issue and if the people of New York want the ban on stun guns lifted, they should get state legislators to do it.

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