Via unveiled a new pair of shades that you'll be able to use when paying for stuff.

FOX's Brett Larson has more:  

Well.. whatever it is you want to buy, Visa has unveiled a new high tech way to make a purchase: sunglasses.

You won't have to bump your head on anything to pay, but you will need to remove the specs which look like your standard issue Rayban's.

Visa unveiled the new pilot contactless payment program in Austin, Texas, at South by Southwest and basically they've fitted the shades with a small contactless card that lets them work as a form of payment.

The glasses will also be in use at the World Surf League's 2017 Quicksilver and Roxy pro gold coast competition, both events Visa sponsors. And both environments where not having your wallet could be a reality.

There's no word on how much the sunglasses will set you back or when Visa thinks the device will be available to consumers, but it is in line with an ongoing trend in the tech world: Getting your credit card out of your wallet and into something easier to carry around like your smart phone or connected watch.

With FOX on Tech, I'm Brett Larson, FOX News.

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