FOX’s Eben Brown has this week’s ‘FOX Bullet Points’:

I’m Eben Brown.

Second Amendment advocates are a bit upset the U.S. Supreme Court didn’t take up the case of a California man suing over a denial of a concealed carry permit. In Peruta v. California, the sheriff in San Diego says he can refuse to issue concealed carry permits if the applicant doesn’t show a real need for one. Justices Thomas and Gorsuch published a dissent to the court’s rejection, calling it ‘distressing.’

Meanwhile, in Kansas, it’ll be legal to carry without a permit on college campus’ starting this Saturday.

You know PayPal, and Square, and Stripe? All three are used more and more by retailers to complete electronic payments. But the three outfits, which are not banks, are now the target of a class action lawsuit. Firearms retailer Blar Gladwin of California, who has his federal firearms license, say the three agencies deny him their services because he sells guns. Gladwin claims it’s a civil rights violation.

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