FOX’s Eben Brown has your ‘FOX Bullet Points’:

I’m Eben Brown.

New York Magazine is taking some flak for saying the NRA has found an ally in the terrorists of the Islamic state group. The magazine says their sources from ISIS, and previously al-Qaeda, had often joked about how easy it would be for one of their henchmen to get an AR-15 at a gun show in the much of the United States. The article was meant to highlight the NRA’s stance on the supposed ‘gun show loophole’ regarding background checks.

And it may come to pass that the U.S. Supreme Court will be the deciding factor in whether or not you have the right to keep and bear arms outside your home. The case is Peruta v California and has to do with the sheriff in San Diego not issuing permits to people who didn’t provide a specific need to carry. Now that the high court has nine justices once again, there is belief the court will take up the case soon.

And those are your Bullet Points! I’m Eben Brown, FOX News!

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