One gun group is fighting over-the-counter hearing aids.

FOX’s Eben Brown has more with ‘FOX Bullet Points’:

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A bill in the U.S. Senate aims to reduce the cost of hearing aids, the kind your doctor would prescribe you for hearing loss. The proposed law would create class of hearing aids that could be sold at low cost and over the counter. But the measure is getting flak by groups like Gun Owners of America, who say the legislation could wind up regulating personal sound amplifiers used by hunters and sold at sporting goods stores.

Dateline: Seattle, where city leaders are turning out their pockets now that a tax on gun sales, aimed at raising a half million in revenue while curbing firearms sales in the city, has so far brought in less than half the expected cash. People are just buying guns outside city limits avoiding the tax. Meanwhile, police in Seattle have seen a 70 percent jump in calls for service due to shots fired, and the number of shooting victims is up 30 percent.

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