Some Southern States are Considering Changes to Carrying Firearms Around Campus

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Another week and more talk about guns around the country.

FOX’s Eben Brown has this week’s “FOX Bullet Points”:

I’m Eben Brown.

A federal appeals court is backtracking on Maryland’s law banning semi-automatic rifles, including the AR-15. The law was passed in 2013. The fourth circuit court of appeals once voted to overturned it but after re-hearing, re-instated it.

Two southern states might make changes to laws allowing one to carry firearms on college campuses. There’s a proposal in Georgia to allow campus carry for people with permits. In Arkansas, lawmakers might make university faculty and employees undergo 16 hours of training, if they want to carry on campus.

26 states are now filing a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in the case against San Diego county, California. A local law limits carrying a weapon for self-defense outside one’s home to people who get a special permit from the local sheriff. The brief was lead by Alabama, and argues that self-defense is self-defense inside and out.

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