October’s Firearm Background Checks Soar

Background checks for firearms are on the rise, could it be election related or due to the start of hunting season?

FOX’s Joy Piazza calls the shots in “Bullet Points”:

October was a big month for firearm background checks. More than two million of them, according to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

That’s up 18 percent over the same month a year ago. Some people think it’s because of the election campaign and concerns that if Hillary Clinton wins, there will be tighter gun rules. But it could also be due to deer hunting season starting in many states. For instance, Minnesota:

(Valkanburg) “The guys are seeing some big bucks.”

Scott Van Valkanburg owns a hunting and fishing store in Duluth:

(Valkanburg) “You get to see some really big deer. We’ve had some deer up in the 280’s. That’s a big animal.”

His advice, have fun, but hunt safely.

A family in Oregon learned that the hard way this week. A man and his three young children were out deer hunting near Corvallis when the dad’s 30-30 rifle accidentally discharged, wounding his four year daughter and two-year-old boy. Fortunately the wounds were not life-threatening.

With Bullet Point’s I’m Joy Piazza, FOX News.