The TSA has some new guidelines in place for anyone carrying a firearm with them and New York's tough anti-gun laws continue to be a hot topic.

FOX's Steve Rappoport has this week's "FOX Bullet Points":

Have you had stuff confiscated from your bag at airport security? Usually it's over-sized liquid containers like shampoo bottles. But sometimes more often than you might think it's a gun. And so the TSA is launching a campaign to urge travelers to make sure your firearms go into baggage underneath the plane. And you have to declare it with the airline. Otherwise, if TSA agents find a gun in your carry-on you can face criminal charges and a heafty fine.

New York is one of the tougher anti-gun states and yet there are loads of guns on New York streets. 53,000 gun crimes in New York over the past five years. The reason, the state attorney general says three quarters of the guns used in those crimes came from other states.

And nothing says love like diamonds and guns, a jewelry store Lubbock, Texas, is having its annual "shotgun wedding sale". Anyone who buys an engagement ring at Thacker Jewelry also gets a gift certificate for a shotgun or rifle at a local gun store.

I'm Steve Rappoport and those are your Bullet Points.

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