The ACLU is backing a Second Amendment advocate and what percentage of adults own fire arms in the United States?

FOX's Eben Brown calls the shots in "Bullet Points":

I'm Eben Brown.

A well-known Second Amendment advocate is suing his home state of Connecticut with a little help from the ACLU.

Michael Picard is also known for protesting at DUI checkpoints, calling them unconstitutional. He was at one last year when state troopers approached him while he stood on the median recording things:

(Officer) "It's illegal to take my picture."

(Picard) "No it isn't. It's a public property."

(Officer) "It's illegal to take my picture."

They took his camera phone and his pistol and pistol permit. The camera recorded the officers talking about how to charge him with things. Now Picard and the ACLU are claiming the troopers violated his first and Fourth Amendment rights. Connecticut state police say they're investigating the troopers.

A survey by both Harvard and Northeastern University concludes that only three percent or so of American adults own all civilian firearms in this country and they own 265 million guns.

And those are your Bullet Points.

I'm Eben Brown, FOX News.

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